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Clients Testimonials
"Russel Wayne has great talent for creating illustrations. For my children’s book, “Vegetable Kids in the Garden.” I asked for idealistic realistic illustrations since it is an educational fiction book with a story about fun in the garden and being a vegetable. I have gotten so many comments about how charming and delightful the illustrations are. It is a process bringing words to life with illustrations. The illustrated cover and pictures throughout are what draw the reader in to hear the story. The first thing my 5-year-old granddaughter asked was, ”Are there pictures?” She was delighted to see the fun illustrations. Russel was easy to work with and very personable. Thank you, Russel, for bringing my words to life in pictures"

- Nancy Miller, author of "The Vegetable Kids in the Garden"

"The graphic work done by Mr. Russel Wayne was phenomenal, he captured the essence of what I wanted to be conveyed in the illustrations.  I was amazed at how fast he got the illustrations done and even more blown away at how willing he was to edit his illustrations to ensure I was pleased. Certainly when I am ready for the graphics for my second book I will utilize his professional services again."

- Candice Cargill, author of "Building Riches from the Lemonade Stand"

"I have had several contacts with Russel and found his art work amazing, he constantly works with you throughout the process
 and delivers in a timely manner. I heartily recommend anyone who wishes their story to come alive, to contact him."

- Julie Hodgson, author of "Two tales"

"When I first began working with Russel Wayne, I was drawn and inspired by the wonderful mission he started for orphans....Yet as far as business was concerned, I expected my experience with him to be similar to other artist that I have worked with in the past. However, what I encountered was an artist with not only exceptional talent but who also goes well above and beyond other professionals in the industry.

On a service level, I have not seen the like. Russel Wayne has great integrity, efficiency and professionalism. I felt he really 'understands' things and 'listens' to a customer's vision and goals for a project, then interprets them into an artistic masterpiece. The final product is delivered fast, in a modern user friendly format and it always displays adeptness to the original concept.

I could go on forever on the beautiful quality of his work however, I would like to summarize it as follows...His illustrations not only display superior skill, technical precision, creativity and imagination; his art has an additional element, a special 'spark'. A magic that I believe is the result of the synergy of all his talents and character.

It is for all these reasons that I was inspired to share my testimony with others. If you are looking for five star quality and service, you are looking in the right place. If you are looking for an artist to make your dream come true, look no further."

- Rose Dennis, author of "Little Rainbow Rosary"


"When I first saw Russel's illustrations online, I knew he was the illustrator for my project. This was a certain "colorful innocence" to his drawings that really attracted me to it. When I sent him my first manuscript, and explained the six characters in my book series, he sent me a logo for the series that totally captured what I was looking for, pretty much to a tee. I was very impressed with his ideas on the first book, and most people that have purchased the book always immediately compliment the illustrations. "A Pirate Ship in the Clouds" is a great start to my Cloud Seekers Book Series! We are now working on the second book and I will be releasing it by December of this year. I can't wait to see what Russel comes up with on the third book of the series!"

- Robert L. Calixto author of "The Cloud Seekers" Book Series



Benefits of Child Book Writing
Yes. You can make money and earn a living through child book writing. Beyond the money you can help:

* Bring happiness to a child
* Shape a child's fertile mind
* Promote literacy
* Provide a child with healthy creative escape from reality
* Inspire creativity & imagination
* Entertain
* Develop listening skills
* Develop understanding of the realities of the world like death, pregnancy, values etc.
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