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Layout & Cover Design
Basic Book Layout

FOR BASIC NOVELS that do not contain anything other than what is found in a typical novel. No tables, charts, images (other than an author photo or publisher's logo), blockquotes, lists, subheadings, poetry, footnotes, etc. 
Formatting for E-Book version included in this price.
Price: $250 (Proofreading included)

Standard Book Layout

For books that contain any block quotes, poetry, single-level lists, single-level chapter subheadings, a few footnotes or endnotes, or a small number of images (that do not require text wrap). No tables, charts, graphs, pull quotes, text boxes or other elements that require more advanced formatting
Price: $400 (Proofreading included)

Advanced Book Layout

For books that contain a large number of images or images that require text-wrap, a large number of footnotes or endnotes, multi-level lists, multi-level chapter subheadings, tables, graphs, charts, pull quotes, textboxes, etc.
Price: $500 (Proofreading included)

Benefits of Child Book Writing
Yes. You can make money and earn a living through child book writing. Beyond the money you can help:

* Bring happiness to a child
* Shape a child's fertile mind
* Promote literacy
* Provide a child with healthy creative escape from reality
* Inspire creativity & imagination
* Entertain
* Develop listening skills
* Develop understanding of the realities of the world like death, pregnancy, values etc.
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