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Publishing Companies

Probably the biggest business around in the book industry is writing children's books. These types of books are in demand and the demand keeps rising every single year. The largest sale that most bookstores have is their sales in children's books and in romance books.

When you are a writer who has written a children's book and now you are in the search for a publisher to help you get your book out of your house and on the bookshelves, there are many Children's Book Publishing Companies to choose from and you should research as many of them as you can and even make several copies of your manuscript to send to some or even all of them to see what type of deal you would get back.

Publishing children's books has become extremely easy since the internet has been created because there is no longer waiting for the mail or taking the time to find the Children's Book Publishing Companies because you can find them and all of their information just by the click of your mouse. You can also submit your manuscript right over the internet via your email service. This is much easier on you and the publisher and makes many months of research and work just disappear.

These Children's Book Publishing Companies also provide service for the writing and proofreading of your work along with work groups that you could join in order to help your creativity in order to write more books once you have gotten your foot in the door on the manuscript that you have initially sent them.

When searching for Children's Book Publishing Companies, you can narrow your search results by the types of children books that they accept, by the age range of children's books that they accept, and several other factors that many of the independent Children's Book Publishing Companies have. There are these companies for only elementary school age children, there are companies that focus on girl books and boy books, there are companies that focus on children's books that include animals. These are only just a small example of the many companies that you will find and that you can submit your manuscript to in order to begin your first book deal.

Here's a list of US Based book publishing companies, hope I can help you even in a simple way like this. Well, personally, I think you can count on this companies.

1. www.halopublishing.com
    Halo Publishing International L.L.C. 
    Cleveland Office: (216) 255-6756 or (216) 255-6758
    Toll Free:  1-877-705-9647
    P.O. Box 340, 410 Highway 72 W. Collierville TN 38027
3. www.infinitypublishing.com
    1094 New Dehaven St.
    Suite 100
    W. Conshohocken, PA 19428
    Phone: 1-877-289-2665

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Benefits of Child Book Writing
Yes. You can make money and earn a living through child book writing. Beyond the money you can help:

* Bring happiness to a child
* Shape a child's fertile mind
* Promote literacy
* Provide a child with healthy creative escape from reality
* Inspire creativity & imagination
* Entertain
* Develop listening skills
* Develop understanding of the realities of the world like death, pregnancy, values etc.
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